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cactus cactus

Welcome in Papaye land

A story of the "wild wild middle"

From the mysteries of the jungle to the abandoned lanes, through the "no man's lands" and the arid deserts, the slingshot duels are raging in Papayie between the desperado, the "machopunchos" and "machetpunchettes".Woe to those who can not choose wisely "kayass" before the fight, those living projectiles with strong characters, whose chain of powers contains the secret of victory.

On the tightrope!

Attached to the ground via woolen threads, look for the best positions to divert your opponents and ensure your victory. Choose your favorite characters and learn how to unlock their special slingshots throughout the game to build the most effective or wacky combos.The more you get, the more special items and bonuses you'll unlock, but watch out for the bounty hunters who will be ready to grab the price of your head.

Somewhere between the jungle and the burning desert

legendary duels are looming

"machopunchos" and "machetpunchettes"

to discover now

Little Bit Odd

Guided by the windy north breeze, little bit odd got lost by reading a map upside down without even realizing it. In his desperate search for eternal snow peaks, ever deeper did he go and sunk into the barren desert where desperados live and clash. Little bit odd remains on the lookout for any clue that could guide his path to bring the sacred spirit, the Tototem, back to his ancestor's land.

My feathery thingy, there, is a show-stopper whenever I step foot on stage


Beignetto merguez

Natural born Desperados, heir and last kin of the Cucumis Sativus bloodline, he's been on the run for as long as his vegetable brain can recall. Being fat and slow never bothered that shady cucumber as HE, is the smartest cucumber of them all (so he says, don't take my word for it). Begnetto is got tough skin and knows how to stop his foes from ever catching up to him.

I might be a veggie but I ain't no vegan and I'll eat you RAW !!

Beignetto M.

Pablo Tacos

Long accused of dual identity and spending most of his time trying to prove the opposite, pablo decided one day to take the tangent to challenge the greatest gangsters of this country in order to forge an unequivocal name and whose whole world would remember. To help him hoist his name to the top of the pyramid.

It's not TACO but NACHO, but everybody call me TACO

Pablo T(/N).

Léandra kinwa

Lost in the peaks, the leandra clan was struggling to harvest its quinoa. The days of famine became so frequent that he decided to send one of them to the valley. Léandra was invested with this mission, thanks to her ability, recognized by all, to surpass herself in the face of adversity. Not shrinking from anything or anyone, she carries the sacred seeds of her people to plant them in their new Eldorado ...

Incas you didn't knew, Desperados is so badass

Leandra K.

Collect the Kayass

and make your own belts

Unlock slingshots

for your favorite characters (coming soon)

Cache cache with your friends,

throught dynamics maps

In the wild wild middle, only the strong will survive. Will you be able to poke your way into this burlesque world, where victory has its joking accents, and where the joke is a most serious affair ...

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